Research Papers and Theses


We offer a broad range of thesis topics related to Network and Data Science, both at the Bachelor's and Master's level. If you are interested in some of our research or want to suggest a topic, . In some cases, we have pre-defined topics, as listed here. Please be aware that it is often not possible to suitably reduce the scope of master-level topics to the bachelor level.
We will also try to find a topic tailored to you that fits your and our interests, following the procedure outlined below. Keep in mind, that if you want to propose your own topic, you should have an idea of what research question you want to answer. In this case, you should write down your topic in a 1-pager - similar to how our topic proposals look.

Regardless of whether you are contacting us for a pre-defined thesis or have your own topic in mind, please include a recent Transcript of Records and try to answer the following questions as well:

  • (Is there a topic/paper of our recent research that is of particular interest to you?)
  • What kind of Thesis are you looking for, e.g., mostly theory-based, more data analysis, programming etc.?
  • What timeframe are we talking about? Ideal end date?
  • Where do you see your strengths/weaknesses? What relevant courses did you attend?

Unfortunately, we cannot accept requests for theses in the distant future. You should be able to start your thesis (almost) immediately.

Procedure for student-driven Thesis topics.

If you get in touch with us and provide the above-listed information, we will try to schedule a first meeting with you to discuss possible topics as soon as possible. Once we have agreed on a rough topic area based on initial discussions, we would start with an orientation phase where you try to get familiar with a topic, start your own literature research and work towards a clear specification of the topic.


Once you are sufficiently familiar with a topic and have developed a more concrete idea, you will prepare a proposal together with your thesis advisor. For this, you need to prepare both

  1. a written paper of around 8-10 pages introducing the topic with a motivation, a presentation of related work, your idea(s), a concept for implementing these, and a brief timeline, and
  2. a talk of 10 minutes + 5 minutes discussion where you present your thesis proposal.

The time required to write the proposal should not exceed for weeks.

Thesis Work

When the proposal gets accepted, you can go register the thesis with ZPA and officially start working.

Final Presentation

Once you have completed the Thesis you have to give a final presentation to explain your thesis’ work, the findings you made, and the results you obtained. You have 30 minutes + 5-10 minutes for questions as a Bachelor student, and 40 minutes + 10 minutes for questions as Master student.

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